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hands-money-piecesSimple Bookkeeping Basics For Women Entrepreneurs (Guest Post, Kendall Summerhawk)

When I first started my business, I kept track of my own receipts–income and expenses–in a very rudimentary way. I was only seeing my own clients sporadically, on a part-time basis while I was working a job, so this was sufficient.

Once I transitioned by business to full time, the tracking became more complex and cumbersome. I hired an accountant to do my taxes but still kept the task of recording my income and expenses on a two-column sheet of lined paper. 

I hated dealing with it every month and at the end of every year. It took a long time and it was not something I enjoyed or was good at. And as my business grew, as I added more expenses and dealt with several business credit cards, the complexity became overwhelming. Eventually I realized it was time to hire a book keeper to help me. 

If you're in this boat right now, read this article by one of my mentors, Kendall Summerhawk, to learn some simple things you can do to make this task more manageable until you are ready to turn over your books like I eventually did.

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picture of successAre You In Breakdown Mode with Your Business?

There's a dangerous misperception about success. We tend to think that once we get to a certain level of "success" that it's smooth sailing from there and we're over the challenges that we once experienced.

In regard to business, that might be challenges with getting clients, challenges with managing your workload, challenges with finances, challenges with difficult clients, etc. 

The TRUTH is that success is not a straight line. And once you get to a certain level of success (and even the "levels" can vary), there are still going to be challenges. They may be similar challenges coming up that you experienced at a previous level, new challenges ("new level, new devil"), or similar challenges on a larger scale. 

And even though it feels really frustrating–and often really scary–when things seem to be falling apart or bearing down on you (I've been there many times), the "breakdown" is really just clearing the way for a "breakthrough" to arrive. But the longer you RESIST the lessons and opportunities it's presenting, the longer the breakthrough will take to arrive.

So, when you're going through the breakdown, how can you help turn it into the breakthrough?

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cloverDo You Need Luck to Have a Successful Business?

It's St. Patrick's Day and the "luck" of the Irish is in the air. There's this mystique around the day and being Irish that implies prosperity or opportunity (4 leaf clovers, horseshoes, lepruchauns with pots of gold, etc.). Along with all the celebrations that happen for St. Patty's day, it's no wonder most people want to be Irish for the day. 

I've heard struggling business owners lament when they compare themselves to more successful business owners they see or hear about. To them, that business owner seems to easily or "magically" attract clients/customers, and therefore "has luck on their side." Or they blame their own lack of success or experience of challenges on "bad luck."

So does "luck" have anything to do with having success in business (or life)?

Yes–and No.

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financial reports3 Essential Financial Reports to Ensure Your Profitability
Guest Blog, Tracey Lawton

Lisa's Foreword:

Numbers have never been my strong suit. I'm more of a right-brainer. But as my business has grown I have had to learn to understand, record, and track certain things dealing with numbers in order to make sure I was keeping my business legal in the eyes of the "tax collectors" as well as ensuring I was staying profitable.

I tried a few other people's systems for tracking my #s but found them more complicated than helpful and never kept up with them. Thankfully, 2 years ago, I designed my own excel spreadsheet that has worked very well for me, and each year I have tweaked a few things to make it even more helpful. Now I share this template with my private clients so they can have a simple tracking system that will be likely to work for them.

Today I ran across an article from Tracey Lawton, which explained this concept very well. And because it is such an important element of running a serious and profitable business, I decided to postpone the post I was going to share today so I could pass Tracey's information on to you this week. 

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money thermostat

Do You Need to Raise Your "Money Thermostat"?

Have you hit an income ceiling in your business that you just can't get past?

* Do you find it hard to raise your rates yet are barely getting by with what you do charge?

* Do you have a hard time holding on to money, especially when finally get to a certain amount?

These are all signs that you have a money setpoint. And until you raise your money thermostat, you will continue to experience this barrier to earning–and keeping–more of those dollars. 

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Secrets to Getting What You Want

Do you have a pattern of attracting more of what you DON'T want than
  what you DO want?

* Are you frustrated with Law of Attraction principles that don't seem to work
  (or take a long time)?

* Is there something specific you have been trying to manifest in your business (or life) that
   keeps eluding you?

Believe it or not, you are a POWERFUL MANIFESTOR! You just might not be PURPOSEFULLY manifesting in a way that creates what you want, or that lengthens the time it takes.

This is one of the 3 Keys I teach my business clients in order to more easily and quickly create the business success they desire. And to share a bit of that with you, I have created the 30 Days of Manifesting & Prosperity Challenge on Facebook.

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oh no faceOh No–I Lost A Client When I Raised My Rates!

One of my clients recently sent me an email telling me she lost her first long-time client as a result of her fee increase and change in service structure. She said it didn't feel good.

We made these changes in order to grow her business and help people in a bigger way, and devised a plan to phase her long-time, loyal clients into the new structure and fees and communicate with them about the changes and the benefits to them.  

She was totally congruent about the change, and until now all of her current clients were okay with it as well. But when she encountered the first one who said they would not be continuing to come see her, the "Oh no!" thought came in and she started to doubt and feel bad/sad about losing someone she had worked with and developed a relationship with over the years. Here's some perspective and a tapping script I shared with her:

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God Wants You to Be Wealthy

One of the dilemmas of holisitc practitioners and spiritual business owners that keeps them from having monetarily successful businesses is the seeming contradiction between helping people/being spiritual and making money.

I've heard if from my peers, my clients, and even my own inner voice (usually in the tone of my maternal Grandfather). Just as I've had to work on it with myself (greatly improved but it still reappears from time to time, especially when I try to move up another level in income), this belief in its many forms shows up in all of my business clients to some degree and in various stages.

Thanks to some wonderul coaches and mentors, I have learned that God wants me to be abundant more than I want it, and accept this idea more and more in my life. I  in turn help my clients understand and accept it, too, in a way that opens them up to allow more abundance in.

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100 Gratitudes–The Power of Thanks-giving

With the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up for us in the United States, I wanted to write something about gratitiude, which is a far more powerful force than people realize.

Author and a University of California, Davis professor, Dr. Robert Emmons has 8 years of intensive research on gratitude and found that people who view life as a gift and consciously acquire an “attitude of gratitude” experience multiple advantages, such as improved emotional and physical health, clearer thinking and problem-solving abilities, and stronger relationships and communities. It can also be good for your business.

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3 Money Boundaries to Have In Place to Grow Your Business
Guest Post, Shelly Riutta

When you are taking big leaps in expanding your business you will begin to bump up against other people’s money stuff.

You see when you are breaking free of fear and scarcity around money and taking bold actions to grow your business you are really bucking the cultural norm around money right now—which is money victimhood. Meaning many, many people feel disempowered in their life around creating abundance and feel like outside forces are determining this for them. Your bold actions can actually be a trigger for them.

Here is an example of this from my own business. Years ago I was so excited because I was having my first sale of my audio CD’s. It was around my dog, Niyo’s, Birthday and the sale was part of celebrating his Birthday too. I LOVED these CD’s and they have helped so many people and all I could think about was how much this sale was going to help more people. I pushed the send button on the email announcing the sale and I began getting orders.

A few hours later I checked my emails and found a seething email from a massage therapist who was accusing me of just caring about money and this sale was just a horrible thing, etc. I remember reading that email and feeling like I had just got punched in the stomach. How could she interpret something that I was doing that had such good intentions—so negatively?

I learned SO much from that email. The most important thing I learned was how to establish money boundaries—meaning how to not take personally someone else’s money issues. Her reaction had more to do with her and her own relationship with money than about anything that I was doing. Once I established those money boundaries it made it easier to continue to follow my Spirit and take bold actions to be of service on the Planet—and not hold back because of other people’s fears and reactions.

Here are 3 Money Boundaries so you can powerfully grow your business the way your Spirit intended:

1. Make sure to honor the value of the Service at the true level of their Value rather than what you think other people would be comfortable with. As an exercise ask yourself “What is the reason why I priced this service this way”. Is the reason because it is what everyone else is charging? Is it because you feel this is what people would pay and you don’t think you could go higher? Practice pricing your services from a place of Faith rather than fear.

2. View your clients as powerful Spiritual Beings capable of creating whatever level of abundance they desire. If they are having money struggles continue to focus on the truth of what they are truly capable of rather than to buy into what they are creating right now. Do not buy into their view of themselves around money– which is that they are a victim. The more you are viewing them as powerful, you are actually energetically supporting them to step into this much more than buying into the false belief that they are limited. (This is also a great thing to practice with your friends and family too!)

3. Never assume someone can’t afford your services. I have been amazed over the years how my assumptions over the years have been so inaccurate with what people can pay. What I have learned is that people who truly desire your service will move mountains to get the money to pay for your services—if it is important enough to them. Never assume what someone is capable of paying. It is your job to just offer your services and see what happens.

What specific actions are you going to take to begin to establish your Money Boundaries?

Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, is a 6-figure holisitic psychotherapist, and Presiedent and Founder of GAHP–a respected, professional organization that gives YOU credibility, support, training and more. An organization that not only supports your career as a Therapist but also supports, inspires and nourishes your Spirit.

For more information about all of the exciting GAHP member benefits and to become a member, go to:

How are YOUR money boundaries? Do they need to be set, reset, or strengthened? Do you need help getting your relationship with money back on track? Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify where your money blocks are so you can sign more clients to make more money and make a difference in more lives!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


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