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Our next “Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends” video podcast is ready to watch:

The 3-Key Master Blueprint for Consistent Client Attraction with Lisa Smith

As a conscious business owner, focusing on a balance between the three areas of Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting are key to my success in business and what my clients benefit from learning and applying. Missing any one of these elements can diminish the effectiveness of your soul-based business (your clients’ results, your profit margin, and your ability to enjoy being a conscious business owner).  [Read more…]

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Law Book

How the “Law of Diminishing Intent” Keeps You Stuck

I see this law proving itself a lot with my prospects (those who tell me they want to come see me but never respond to my offer of a free consultation and those who have a consultation but defer to work with me til a later date)as well as with friends, family, and others I meet in social situations complaining of unfulfilled goals. It’s disheartening to see. And I will admit that I am guilty of it at times, too.

It’s a very true and insidious “universal law,” which basically states that the longer you wait to take action on an idea you have or a goal you want to achieve, the less likely you are to actually take the action. And if you don’t take the action, nothing changes and you stay stuck right were you are.

“The road to nowhere is paved with unfulfilled intentions.”

So what causes us to put off doing what we usually know needs to be done in order to get unstuck from unsatisfactory situations? And more importantly, how can we help keep ourselves from falling prey to the stagnancy this law creates?

Read the four steps.

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hot tip7 Hot Tips to Get Clients in December

It’s December. Time for the dreaded holiday lull! Or is it?

Unless you’re a retailer, the commercialism of the season can divert funds from your service-based business, which can’t usually be purchased to give as a gift (unless you can do gift certificates, but that’s a much lower price point). People also tend to allocate their “spare time” to shopping, cooking, decorating, parties, and travel.

But your business can’t take a holiday. If you need to drum up more business for the month, how can you possibly “compete” for peoples’ time and wallets amongst those additional distractions?

Here are 7 tips that have worked well for me and for colleagues who are in coaching, holistic & other service-based businesses:
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struggle-ends-when-gratitude-beginsActivating the Power of GRATITUDE–Part 2

In Part 1 a couple of weeks ago as part of the "Thanks-giving" series, I shared about the importance and power of gratitude in attracting what you want.

As I mentioned, the energy of gratitude has the power to make you more magnetic to what you want. Here are some more tips on how to harness that magnetizing force.

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gratitude why get more (smaller)The Importance and Power of GRATITUDE in Attracting What You Want

Gratitude is only second to LOVE on the emotional energy scale. Remember, emotions are energy that attracts similar energies to you.

The energy of gratitude has the power to make you more magnetic to what you want. I share some tips today on how to harness that magnetizing force.

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Creating a Better Relationship with Money

What kind of relationship do you have with money? Is it a loving passionate affair, or is it fizzled out and down in the dumps?  Is it a love story or a horror story?  Has it been that way for a while (even “all your life”)?

I’ve done a lot of my own inner work around various money blocks and have learned some great concepts and techniques around attracting money more easily and consistently, and I share these with my private clients. One of my money mentors, Morgana Rae, has an interesting concept about money:

Treat money like you would a person you are dating and want to have a good relationship with.

This perspective has completely shifted my concept about money and my relationship with it! It has also allowed me to see some ways I have pushed money away instead of inviting it to “move in with me.”

Here are some things to look at and work on to improve YOUR relationship with money from this perspective (and an upcoming opportunity to attend a free live or virtual training with me to uncover and clear some of your negative money beliefs and patterns).  

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struggle-ends-when-gratitude-begins5 Ways to Activate the Power of Gratitude (part 2 of series)

In last week's blog, How Gratitude Improves Your Bottom Line, I explained how gratitude works on a spiritual and even scientifically verifiable way emotionally, to be able to better attract people/resources/circumstances to you that will help you get clients and make money as well as to tap into the creative, problem-solving part of your brain that will help you come up with solutions or new ideas to turn things around in challenging times (which there WILL be when you are a business owner).

I promised to share in this next blog some specific ways that I and my clients and readers have used that have helped us to get measurable (and often very quick) results from tapping into the power of gratitude.

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gratitude why get moreHow Gratitude Improves Your Bottom Line (Especially When Times Are Tough)

What do you do when business isn’t going so well, and all the “doing” you are doing still doesn’t seem to be yielding new business, and you’re starting to feel the fear well up?

Do what I have learned to do: Stop and be grateful.

“What?!” you may exclaim. “How can I be grateful when more money is going out than is coming in?”

It seems counter-intuitive, but being grateful for both what IS and what ISN’T, for what you HAVE and what you DON’T HAVE, is a big key to helping turn things around.

I have proven this time and again in my business (even when I forgot for a while and had to bring myself back to this knowing). So have others.

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picture of successAre You In Breakdown Mode with Your Business?

There's a dangerous misperception about success. We tend to think that once we get to a certain level of "success" that it's smooth sailing from there and we're over the challenges that we once experienced.

In regard to business, that might be challenges with getting clients, challenges with managing your workload, challenges with finances, challenges with difficult clients, etc. 

The TRUTH is that success is not a straight line. And once you get to a certain level of success (and even the "levels" can vary), there are still going to be challenges. They may be similar challenges coming up that you experienced at a previous level, new challenges ("new level, new devil"), or similar challenges on a larger scale. 

And even though it feels really frustrating–and often really scary–when things seem to be falling apart or bearing down on you (I've been there many times), the "breakdown" is really just clearing the way for a "breakthrough" to arrive. But the longer you RESIST the lessons and opportunities it's presenting, the longer the breakthrough will take to arrive.

So, when you're going through the breakdown, how can you help turn it into the breakthrough?

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cloverDo You Need Luck to Have a Successful Business?

It's St. Patrick's Day and the "luck" of the Irish is in the air. There's this mystique around the day and being Irish that implies prosperity or opportunity (4 leaf clovers, horseshoes, lepruchauns with pots of gold, etc.). Along with all the celebrations that happen for St. Patty's day, it's no wonder most people want to be Irish for the day. 

I've heard struggling business owners lament when they compare themselves to more successful business owners they see or hear about. To them, that business owner seems to easily or "magically" attract clients/customers, and therefore "has luck on their side." Or they blame their own lack of success or experience of challenges on "bad luck."

So does "luck" have anything to do with having success in business (or life)?

Yes–and No.

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