Are You Making the Right Impression on Prospects? (Video Blog)

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Our next “Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends” video podcast is
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Wear Who You Are: Align Your Outer Image With Your Inner Brilliance To Up-Level Your Business And Attract Higher-Paying Clients with Katherine Johnson

What you wear acts as a microphone — it announces who and what you are to potential clients, investors and audiences.  Your authentic image is a powerful way to up-level your business, amplify your message, and connect more easily with your ideal clients.  Many entrepreneurs miss out on this sure-fire tool to authentically communicate who they are while also experiencing increased confidence, resonance and meaningful connections. 

In this half hour, you’ll learn: Continue reading “Are You Making the Right Impression on Prospects? (Video Blog)”

Save Your Business With This 3:1 Ratio (Guest Post)

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Save Your Business (or Any Relationship) With This 3:1 Ratio (Guest Post, Mark Waldman)

According to my neurocoach, Mark Waldman, research shows that positivity can add 2 years to your lifespan, and contempt is the #1 key for causing relationships to crumble. So what is the 3:1 ratio and how can it help improve personal relationships and business success?

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Using S-e-x to Grow Your Business (Video Blog)

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Our next “Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends” video podcast is launching March 25th:

How to Turn On Your Business by Turning Up Your Sexual Energy Centers with Melinda Bernstein

Imagine being in a meeting or the boardroom with your potential or existing client and (on the inside) feel like you’re in the bedroom with your beau or babe without anyone knowing AND stay focused while getting positive results for your business!

Believe it or not, one key to alleviating financial frustration is to turn on your sexual energy centers. Continue reading “Using S-e-x to Grow Your Business (Video Blog)”

The single BIGGEST barrier to achieving your dreams (Guest Blog)

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fearTHIS is the single biggest barrier to achieving your dreams (Morty Lefkoe, Guest Blog)

If you really want to understand why you haven’t achieved what you want—why you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams—answer the following five questions:

  • Are you usually afraid of starting something new?
  • Do you have a lot of ideas but you never seem to put them into action?
  • Do you procrastinate a lot?
  • Do you tend to do things the same way all the time?
  • Do you wonder why you aren’t more creative and innovative?

If you answered, “yes,” to any of these questions it’s probably because of one main fear…

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Simple Bookkeeping Basics (Guest Post)

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hands-money-piecesSimple Bookkeeping Basics For Women Entrepreneurs (Guest Post, Kendall Summerhawk)

When I first started my business, I kept track of my own receipts–income and expenses–in a very rudimentary way. I was only seeing my own clients sporadically, on a part-time basis while I was working a job, so this was sufficient.

Once I transitioned by business to full time, the tracking became more complex and cumbersome. I hired an accountant to do my taxes but still kept the task of recording my income and expenses on a two-column sheet of lined paper. 

I hated dealing with it every month and at the end of every year. It took a long time and it was not something I enjoyed or was good at. And as my business grew, as I added more expenses and dealt with several business credit cards, the complexity became overwhelming. Eventually I realized it was time to hire a book keeper to help me. 

If you're in this boat right now, read this article by one of my mentors, Kendall Summerhawk, to learn some simple things you can do to make this task more manageable until you are ready to turn over your books like I eventually did.

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3 Must-Have Tracking Reports to Ensure Profit

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financial reports3 Essential Financial Reports to Ensure Your Profitability
Guest Blog, Tracey Lawton

Lisa's Foreword:

Numbers have never been my strong suit. I'm more of a right-brainer. But as my business has grown I have had to learn to understand, record, and track certain things dealing with numbers in order to make sure I was keeping my business legal in the eyes of the "tax collectors" as well as ensuring I was staying profitable.

I tried a few other people's systems for tracking my #s but found them more complicated than helpful and never kept up with them. Thankfully, 2 years ago, I designed my own excel spreadsheet that has worked very well for me, and each year I have tweaked a few things to make it even more helpful. Now I share this template with my private clients so they can have a simple tracking system that will be likely to work for them.

Today I ran across an article from Tracey Lawton, which explained this concept very well. And because it is such an important element of running a serious and profitable business, I decided to postpone the post I was going to share today so I could pass Tracey's information on to you this week. 

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Time Management Is NOT Your Problem. THIS Is. (Guest Blog)

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David NeagleTime Management Is NOT the Problem With You or Your Business. THIS Is.
Guest Blog, David Neagle

One of the things I have struggled with in my business, and that my clients constantly ask for help with, is the elusive “Time Management.” 

We’ve all got the same 24 hours–or 86,400 seconds–to use each day. And as a business owner, your time is money, so each second must be guarded and used carefully. How you utilize your time is a key factor in the success of your business.

What I’ve come to learn (and continually work on practicing and improving) is that it’s more about “Activity Management” than Time Management.

A recent blog post from one of my mentors & coaches, David Neagle, is a perfect mindset shift to share with you as you prepare for a “clean slate” and achieving more in your business this year (and beyond).

Question: How do you find the time to do everything that needs to be done to actually make more money?

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3 Ways to Create the Physical & Mental Energy to Run Your Business

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Energizer_Bunny3 Ways To Create The Physical And Mental Energy You Need To Run Your Business
Ruth Sanders, Guest Blog

As a business owner you know too well about overwork, stress and not enough time in the day. You may have sacrificed time with family, missed sleep, skipped meals and sat endless hours at the computer. What if you could be even more productive and still have the time and energy for your family and a social life? You can!

People who are more productive do these 3 things:

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