How to Quickly Kick Your Negative Self-Talk to the Curb

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kick to curbHow to Quickly Kick Your Negative Self-Talk to the Curb

"You're not good enough to do that." "No one cares what you have to say." "You have to be perfect or people will criticize you."I'm such an idiot!" "I'm never going to be successful." "They must have been laughing at me." "Everyone else has it all together, but not me." "This is never going to work." "If I ask them to work with me they're going to think I just want their money." "I can't afford that.

Are these the kinds of thoughts taking up residence in your head, repeating themselves over and over again? This is what is referred to as "negative self-talk" or "negative inner dialogue." It is pervasive and powerfully destructive. In fact it is the #1 cause of all failure or inability to achieve what you want in life. No matter how much money, skill, knowledge, or resources you have, you inner critical voice will sabotage it ALL. Unless you learn to fight back. Here's how.

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Greatness Is In All Of Us–Business Tips from the Olympics (Video)

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Greatness Is In All Of Us–Business Tips from the Olympics (and Nike)–Video

Have you been watching the incredible athletes from around the world the past week in the 2012 Olympics from London? I've been nearly glued to my TV in the evenings (and trying to avoid internet pages that might post the results beforehand and spoil it for me).

Aside from watching the actual competitions, I love the stories they highlight on various athletes and what they've gone through in their pursuit of excellence.

Yet, as I shared in my post last week, you don't have to be an Olympian to be considered great. In fact, you don't even need to make headlines. We all have the capability for greatness within each of us. See the video below that exemplifies this.

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Deep Gratitude for 5 Years & Counting!

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Deep Gratitude for 5 Years and Counting!

I wanted to video tape this entry today, but I didn't think I'd get through it without tearing up.

It was 5 years ago this week that I began working for myself full-time as a hypnotherapist and wellness coach. Tonight I am throwing a big party to celebrate my success and my clients' successes, and express my extreme gratitude for all who have helped me along the way. I'm excited to see old and new clients, friends, family, and networking partners–about 50 are expected.

If you've read "My Story" on my website,  it was a very stressful and scary time for me in December 2006, and I had several major "losses"/transitions going on all at once. I wasn't sure at that time how I would make it in business on my own. Continue reading “Deep Gratitude for 5 Years & Counting!”