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Business Ownership is a Growth-Accelerator!

When I made the leap from employee to full-time business owner, I didn't realize it was going to stretch me far beyond what any personal growth books, seminars, or techniques I had ever utilized before.

If I had known all the challenges I was going to face when I made that decision, there's a very good chance I would have been too scared to move forward with it.

If you're feeling this way, too, let me share some insights with you to help you make the decision to continue on this path.

Moving out of our comfort zone is not an easy thing to do. Yet, doing so has allowed me to realize that I am much more capable than I thought, and brought numerous gifts into my life.

Some of the characteristics and insights that I have gained from the experiences and necessities of running my own business are:

Resiliency–being able to bounce back after receiving the "blows" of disappointments and setbacks

Getting more comfortable with making mistakes–perfectionism has had to take a back seat to productivity and "good enough to make a difference"

Determination–not giving up so easily; staying committed to a goal or desired outcome and doing what it takes to achieve it

Creativity–finding ways to solve problems that seemed "unsolvable," or coming up with new ways to share my message or help someone get better results

Asking for help–admitting to myself, and others, that I don't "know it all" and not being too proud to say, "can you help me/'" or to invest money to hire others to help me

Structure and systemetizing–I've always been pretty organized and self-directed, but creating a more structured, repeatable routine for the tasks to run my business has been an ongoing task that pays off when I stick to it; there are still things to work on, but it is coming together and I can help my clients do the same.

There's a difference between debt and investment–using credit cards/getting loans to allow me to grow my business is not shameful debt; it is an investment in my business growth, my future, and ultimately, my ability to reach more people with the services I provide.

Creating a new understanding of and relationship with money–being able to ask for money in return for my services–at a rate that is comparable to all I have to offer–without feeling guilty or apologetic about it; creating/maintaining healthy boundaries and expectations with money from my clients, and in turn teaching them to do the same in their business. (Read my post about creating a healthy relationship with money)

The gifts that I have been given through this process–the ones that make it all worthwhile and keep me going when the challenges come–are:

A a sense of pride in what I have overcome and accomplished

The wonder of synchronicities appearing at just the right time to meet a need

The strengthening of my Faith

The gift of support that I have been given by others

The humbleness of the thanks I have received from clients for the difference I have made in their lives, and

The ability to wake up on most days excited about the plans of the day and to rest my head on the pillow at night with a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude for doing work I love that impacts people's lives in a positive way–and therefore, makes the world a happier place.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


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