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Build Brand Visibility in the New Year Using Press Releases
Guest Blogger, Beatrice Johnston,

There are opportunities all around you to get exposure for your brand, you just need to know where to look. If you're active in
networking and marketing your business, coming up with some ways to generate press for yourself will be really easy. Unless someone (especially the media) knows who you are, you'll have a hard time growing your business and making it the lucrative company of your dreams.

Even if your business isn't making major changes, it may have activities coming up that are news worthy. Below are a few overlooked reasons to distribute a press release for your brand.

Upcoming Events. Perhaps one of the most common reasons to send out a press release is for an event you're having. Most business owners don't think of this simply because they're having a small event, but your event doesn't have to expect hundreds in attendance to be newsworthy. In addition  to getting online attention at business websites and blogs you may even get published in print when a newspaper or magazine is looking to fill space or balance their percentage of bad news.

New Identity/Logo/Name. Do you have a new colors, a new logo, a new name? If you've been in business for a few years and have decided to ramp things up and change things around it's an opportune time to do a press release about your decision. Not only does this provide an opportunity for your clients and supporters to know stay in the loop but you also may get interviewed about your business growth and how the change is expected to serve your clients.

New Website. Since the internet and its standards and practices are constantly changing this is going to be one of the most frequent reasons for doing a press release. Your press release should indicate the new features of the website, any new functionality you've introduced (such as search features, a shopping cart, etc), what you do and who you do it for.

Staff Introductions. As you grow be sure to announce new members of your team, even when they're part time or unpaid. If you hire an intern, it's an opportunity to position yourself as someone willing to train and mentor the new upcoming leaders of tomorrow. If you hire someone full time and have been working solo, it offers the opportunity to show your growth and how you're introducing new jobs to the marketplace. It's a win for you and a win for your local economy.

Achievements. I must admit I haven't taken the best advantage of this myself but I have done it enough to reap enormous benefits. If you win an award, complete a program, get accepted in an organization or for a prestigious role or launch something that turns out really successful, be sure to let others know! It will allow you to take a moment to celebrate your achievements and also offer hope to others working hard on their businesses.

New Service or Product. Have you introduced something new in your business? Press releases aren't just for celebrities with perfume and clothing line launches. Although we'd like to believe our ideal customers and influencers keep us on their radar constantly the truth is we must stay in front of them and remind them of what we're up to. There's just too much information out there for us to put this responsibility on our customers. Let them know what you have, and they'll let others know too.

Beatrice Johnston is Director of and founder of the Bankable Branding Blueprint(TM), the proven "paint by numbers" program that helps tiny service based businesses become a big deal by getting more visibility, opportunities and credibility.

To get her free audio CD, 7 Steps Your Brand Must Take to Win More Business, and receive her weekly brand-boosting articles on creating a brand
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Lisa's Comments:

Great tips, Beatrice. Some I have done but you gave me some new ideas. I just sent out a press release about the 5-Year Anniversary Party I threw for my business milestone. It was a great turnout and I have some nice pictures, one of which I sent with the press release.

This got me thinking about a blog post I could do–teaching the basic elements of a press release for those who have never written one. Look for a post on this in the new year!

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
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