Business Owner’s Mindset Success Kit 

Congratulations on your selection of this amazing gift giveaway offer! 

The first download—“Are You Ready to be a Business Owner?” video and quiz—
are available for you to access right now in the link below.

You can get started with that today. Watch the video explaining about developing the mindset of a business owner vs. a service provider then fill out your responses to the quiz below the video. Your quiz assessment will be sent to you right after you submit it, along with the Limiting Beliefs Assessment for you to start working on.

In order to not overwhelm you with all the elements this kit provides, and because some elements have to be used in a particular order, you will be receiving the rest of the Kit offerings in your email over the next few days.

Since you have likely signed up for numerous free gifts and will be receiving numerous emails in the coming days, look daily for emails from Lisa Smith [MMMCoach] and open those to access the next piece of the Kit. Also make sure to add my email ( to your approved email list or address book so all the pieces promised get through to you. 

Coming up will be:

  1. The TEAR Formula video
  2. The subscription key and instructions to register for your one-month access to my EZTapping Library
  3. The Business Owner’s Mindset Hypnosis & Affirmations audios, and 
  4. The 3 Master Keys to a Successful Holistic or Coaching Practice–Audio & Transcript


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