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Customer Support liarAre You Walking Your Talk?

Have you ever been in a session with a client or in a consultation/sales conversation with someone and been recommending they do something you believe is in their best interest to do (take some action, purchase from you), and in the back of your mind you hear a little voice yelling, “Hypocrite! You’re not doing/willing to do that!”?

I can raise my hand on that. And a part of me feels guilty for being inauthentic. I’m not “walking my talk.” It becomes a reality check for me–as a coach, as a leader, and as a person striving to achieve my own goals. 

I am guessing this has happened to you, too, at least on some occasions. So what can we do when these “hypocrite” moments arise?

1. I think the first thing to do is to hold firm in the moment to be of the highest commitment for that person that you are speaking with right then. Don’t waver on your recommendation for them if you really feel it is something for them to consider to get what they told you they want. You going “weak” in that moment because you are not currently aligned with that yourself will not best serve that person. Separate the idea that YOU “should” be doing it, too, until further examination at another time.

2. Be understanding and empathetic to their resistance or concerns about taking that action. You obviously have them, too, or you would not be triggered with the “hypocrite voice.” Perhaps your “reasons” for not doing it can help be a guidepost to dance with their concerns or resistance. Use what techniques you know to help move that person from fear/resistance to commitment to take the action.

3. When you’re complete with that person, take some time to reflect upon what got triggered for you. Is the action you recommended to the other person really something that is in your best interest to be doing as well? Is it in alignment with your own goals? (e.g., if you are a health & fitness coach but you are not exercising and eating well; if you are a business coach but you are not investing in business coaching yourself or applying what you’re recommending for that person’s business).

Or is it more of a “should” left over from someone else’s beliefs or an old way of thinking that is no longer in alignment with who you are today and the future path you are wanting to go down? If the latter, leave it be (or do some EFT to help you release the leftover guilt of not meeting someone else’s expectations of you).

4. If it does feel like it’s in alignment with your own goals, examine what’s behind your resistance to doing it. Perhaps they were similar to what you or the client/prospect came up with. Whether the action is to start/resume some positive new habit (exercising, eating better, getting more sleep, etc.), ending a bad relationship, having an uncomfortable conversation with someone, investing in your own coaching or business training, etc., what is keeping you from taking action? How can you release (or at least reduce) those reasons so they are no longer stopping YOU?

If you’re not sure, and you need some tools and guidance to be able to more effectively–and permanently–do that, I may be able to help. 


If you KNOW what you should be doing to achieve your goals with your business, but you find yourself resisting, excusing, or procrastinating, schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify what practical and mindset tactics you are missing and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can make a difference in more lives and have a profitable business doing it!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


  1. Great insights, Lisa. I have most definitely been there, and it definitely does serve as a reality check for me when that occurs! 🙂 I particularly like your point about serving as a guidepost and dancing with your client in that moment. That's a great image, and does help one to get into a space of empathy with an open heart!


    It's a pleasure to have discovered your work; I look forward to connecting more!


    Big Hugs,


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