Are You In Breakdown Mode with Your Business?

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picture of successAre You In Breakdown Mode with Your Business?

There's a dangerous misperception about success. We tend to think that once we get to a certain level of "success" that it's smooth sailing from there and we're over the challenges that we once experienced.

In regard to business, that might be challenges with getting clients, challenges with managing your workload, challenges with finances, challenges with difficult clients, etc. 

The TRUTH is that success is not a straight line. And once you get to a certain level of success (and even the "levels" can vary), there are still going to be challenges. They may be similar challenges coming up that you experienced at a previous level, new challenges ("new level, new devil"), or similar challenges on a larger scale. 

And even though it feels really frustrating–and often really scary–when things seem to be falling apart or bearing down on you (I've been there many times), the "breakdown" is really just clearing the way for a "breakthrough" to arrive. But the longer you RESIST the lessons and opportunities it's presenting, the longer the breakthrough will take to arrive.

So, when you're going through the breakdown, how can you help turn it into the breakthrough?

First, let me be really transparent with you. What I'm sharing is not from theory, but from experience! In fact, the reason why I am writing this post right now is because I have been going through my own breakdown within my business. It's not fun, and it's been very frustrating and scary.

But it has not been my first and I know it will not be my last. I am also seeing the gifts within it and the changes that it has necessitated that will make both me and my business better, stronger, more resilient, and more successful And that is what I want you to get from my own experience and this post.

So, the lessons for me–and for you–are:

1. A breakdown is a sign that it is time to re-assess and re-examine what you've been doing. Either it's time to do some things differently or to clear some things that are keeping you from moving to the next level. Growth is the order of the Universe, and when we're not growing, the Universe creates a "shake up" to make us pay attention and get us to change so we can grow.

2. When what you're doing isn't working, don't try to work harder doing the same thing! I kept myself stuck for longer than necessary by continually thinking, "this (tactic/method) has always worked before" and persisting in doing more of it. 

3. Go back to basics. I found that I had strayed away from some basic principles and techniques in order to follow new trends and "bright, shiny objects." This was creating a lot of chaos and confusion for me, and causing me to have too many irons in the fire. I was also getting away from relating one on one to people and having timely and personable follow-up. This is a basic that you must not get away from in your business.

Some other basics with business include your message (is it really clear, or getting muddled and confusing to your audience about who your ideal client is and what/how you help them; your marketing (focus your efforts on 3 main ways until they are mastered and systemetized before adding others); and your mindset (have you moved into stress & overwhelm with running a business, fear about things working/not working in your biz, doubt that you can go to the next level, other people's pressure to stay where you're at or give up your business pursuits?)

For me, I got really focused on what topics are the most important to my ideal clients and to find ways to present new or updated information about it. I also got back into doing daily tapping, hypnosis, and intention-setting while connecting to the Universal stream of consciousness to connect energetically to the people and resources I am wanting to attract.

4. It's time to get out of your comfort zone. You're playing smaller than you are capable of–the Universe knows it and part of you knows it. You don't always have to be uncomfortable when growing your business–resting and maintenance times are important for replenishment and mastery. But it's also important to move out of that place from time to time in order to grow and progress.

5. Is it time for a new direction or to shift the structure of your business to serve more people or add a way to serve your current of future clients/ prospects? Like moving from 1 to 1 into groups, creating some products to "duplicate" yourself, reaching people in a new way, or hiring someone to help you manage your business or share in servicing your clients.

6. Get into a state of gratitude. Although it gets so easy to gradually slip out of gratitude for what we DO HAVE and what IS WORKING into what we DON'T HAVE and what ISN'T WORKING, finding ways to slip back into and stay more often in a state/feeling of gratitude is CRUCIAL.

If you're not grateful for what you already have, why should the Universe give you more? And that negative energy is likely to attract more of the same.

Keep a gratitude journal or post gratitudes on Facebook, acknowledge anything and everything that happens each day that made you smile or that you can be thankful for, say "thank you" to the Universe/God every time one of these things "appears" in your life. Look for someone else who is going through something worse and offer to help them, or at least say a prayer for them and a prayer of thanks that you are not in that worse place.

My own breakdown to breakthrough

Doing these steps–and even writing this post–has helped me to create a shift. I'm not where I want to be yet in regards to my recent "breakdown," but I am seeing and feeling more evidence that the turnaround is happening and that I will soon have the necessary changes (internal and external) in place to be in maintenance/rejuvenation mode for a while. 

I also believe that my business and my future are going to be better off for having had this cycle, and that when the next one comes, I will be able to accept and learn from it more quickly. Sometimes we are the teacher, and sometimes we are still the student.

Do you need help clearing the fear, doubt & resistance in YOUR breakdown?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me 
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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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