Are You an “Innie” or an “Outie”?

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belly buttonAre You an "Innie" or an "Outie"?

Did I get you curious with this question title? And what does a belly button have to do with business?

What I'm actually referring to here is whether you are someone who focuses on the outer environment/circumstances as the cause & effect of their business success (or lack of success) or someone who focuses on the internal (mind) environment as the cause & effect of their business success (or lack).

Which one is better to focus on?

Actually, both are important.

As I have learned–and teach my private clients–there is both a PRACTICAL (outer) aspect to business success as well as an inner aspect (MINDSET/PSYCHOLOGY). And although most people focus on the outer stuff, the inner is more important.

There's a saying (and widely accepted statistic) that success is 80% mindset and only 20% skillset.

Napolean Hill wrote one of the most famous books about what it takes to succeed, which was based on interviews with the richest, most successful and powerful men of the time. His book, "Think & Grow Rich," is credited by thousands of successful people as the resource that helped them create their riches.

I have read it several times (and listened to the book on audio dozens of times) and noted that 6 of the 13 chapters were dedicated to the topic of the mind. (If you'd like to download a free PDF copy of the book, click on the link provided at the end of this post).

Yet, all the positive mental attitude and "right thinking" in the world will not help you to achieve success if you are not willing to DO something to engage the law of cause and effect. The Law of Attraction does not advocate just "wishing" or visualizing what you want then sitting on the couch and waiting for it to come to you. You must visualize what you want, create the energy of belief that it will occur (feel it as achieved), then take "inspired action" from whatever direction that may come (do something).

There are many practical action strategies you will need to plan and execute to be able to find clients and get them to the stage of saying "yes" to working with you. This is one element I share in stages with clients by starting with the foundational pieces first. And then there are beliefs that need to be established and mindset shifts that need to occur before or during the action steps in order for the results to be more likely to yield the desired outcome.

So think about whether you are too much of an "outie"–focusing all or mostly on the practical and "doing" aspects of your business, or too much of an "innie"–holding positive thoughts, reciting affirmations, meditating, creating vision boards, etc. yet not taking decisive action in a consistent and strategic way.

How can you balance these out so the inner vision & energy is supporting the outer actions?

To access your PDF copy of "Think & Grow Rich" click here.

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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