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struggle-ends-when-gratitude-beginsActivating the Power of GRATITUDE–Part 2

In Part 1 a couple of weeks ago as part of the "Thanks-giving" series, I shared about the importance and power of gratitude in attracting what you want.

As I mentioned, the energy of gratitude has the power to make you more magnetic to what you want. Here are some more tips on how to harness that magnetizing force.

Have you ever heard the saying, "What you resist, persists"? 

Usually, when something happens that we interpret as negative or unwanted, we reel against it. We do everything we can think of to deny the situation or place blame or judgment on something for bringing it into our lives. 

Resistance energy, however, creates the energy of struggle. We either exacerbate the situation by adding more focus and energy to it (e.g., telling everyone we come across the "story" of our misfortune in efforts of gaining their sympathy or reinforcing our sense of "injustice") or try to escape it before we've had the chance to sit with it and discover the message or opportunity in it.

Yes, the message or opportunity.

As Napleon Hill is quoted, "Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."

Which means if we can find something of value within an experience, such as:

  • important information, feedback, a lesson
  • a shift in perspective (that moves us into a "but at least…" feeling of how blessed we are in light of comparison)
  • ways to prevent it from happening to others in a way that is positive and healing to all
  • a skill or characteristic we developed through addressing it
  • a change in trajectory in our life that can bring us into alignment with something else we want or towards our highest good

then we will be able to move through the experience with greater ease, speed and grace, getting to the growth and blessing on the other side.

Rather than resisting challenges/problems/"unwanted" situations, griping about them, or running away from them, move to an energy of gratitude.

Thank the Universe/God for sending it to you and ask not for it to be taken away, but for the sense of fear and burden to be lifted so you can see the gift within it and the actions to take to use it for its highest potential.


Contemplate something in your life right now that you feel a sense of resistance or injustice about and ask yourself,

  • "What is the possible gift in this?
  • How can I find something to be thankful for in this?
  • How can I turn this into something positive?

When you find a possible seed for something greater, determine a way to act on it or share it with others. 

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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