3 Simple Ways to Love on Your Customers for Valentine’s Day

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heart in hand3 Simple Ways to Love on Your Customers for Valentine's Day (or any time)

Valentine's Day is not just for "lovers." It can also serve as a reminder or prompt to let those we care about know it. Including your customers.

And as a business owner, it's important to let your customers–and even the prospects you would like to become your customers–feel your appreciation, connection, and desire to be of service to them. 

There are 3 simple ways to do that. Some can be tied into revenue-building, but also think of ways to give without necessarily looking for a "get" in return. Although likely, you will experience some sense of return just from the act of giving.

  1. Send a Valentine's card. Remember making those paper cut-out Valentine's cards for classmates when you were a kid? Grab a box (or few) of them from the store and have fun writing in the names of clients, prospects, networking contacts, etc. Mail them or hand them out in person. Make sure to include your business card or contact information. You could also add a coupon for a product or service you provide. For valued clients, add a gift card to Starbucks or some place you know they would enjoy. 
  2. Send a special edition of your newsletter to your list with a Valentine's theme to make them feel special or supply some helpful information. Make sure it is something out of the ordinary, or a free resource that you normally charge for. You want it to really stand out and make an impression. For mine, I'm sharing an audio of self-empowerment affirmations. (If you're on my newsletter list you'll be getting yours on Feb. 14; if you're not subscribed to my ezine yet and would like the audio, make sure to sign up today on my home page for the 3 Master Keys audio to be added to my list).
  3. Give a Valentine's Day special offer. What can you offer for one day only to your customers or prospects? It should be something of yours that they are not likely to already have. Check your stores of products (digital is better, as you won't have to deal with the expense and time involved in shipping a physical item) and offer something at a discounted rate. If you can tie it in with the "love" theme in some way, even better. Or a buy one, get one offer (keeping with a "couple" theme)–one for you, one for a friend; 2 different items that go well together. It could be buy one, get one free or half off. Lots of options–get creative.

What other creative ideas can YOU think of to "show the love"? 

These are ideas that you can use for any holiday. Change it up to match the theme.

Also make sure to do things from time to time throughout the year that make your clients or prospects feel a sincere connection to you, feel like they are important/appreciated, and want to do (more) business with you or refer others. sometimes it can be even more memorable when it comes "out of the blue."

Share your own ideas or examples in the comments section and let us see how creative you are!

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