Tools to Achieve Your New Year Goals–For Real

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end-of-year-calendarTips That Really Work to Help You Achieve Your Goals This Coming Year

A new year is closing fast and a new one is about to begin.

What did you accomplish in your business this year? What did you not? How do you want the coming year to be better?

Rather than making the typical New Year's Resolutions (which I don't recommend, as stated in my blog here), below are a few ideas–and a special offering–for ending the year on a positive note and starting the year off with the right attitude and resources to truly make this next year a breakout year.

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7 Hot Tips to Get Clients in December

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hot tip7 Hot Tips to Get Clients in December

It’s December. Time for the dreaded holiday lull! Or is it?

Unless you’re a retailer, the commercialism of the season can divert funds from your service-based business, which can’t usually be purchased to give as a gift (unless you can do gift certificates, but that’s a much lower price point). People also tend to allocate their “spare time” to shopping, cooking, decorating, parties, and travel.

But your business can’t take a holiday. If you need to drum up more business for the month, how can you possibly “compete” for peoples’ time and wallets amongst those additional distractions?

Here are 7 tips that have worked well for me and for colleagues who are in coaching, holistic & other service-based businesses:
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