Go Deep, Not Wide

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heart in businessGo Deep, Not Wide

In the relentless pursuit of improving my business, which is measured by the # of clients I work with and positively impact, as well as the income I earn, I am continuously evaluating what I am doing. When I realize something that is not yileding the results I want, I think about what I can do differently to get a different result.

I've been digging deeper into this since the beginning of the year and have identified several key lynchpins to go after. One is to "go deeper, not wider." What do I mean by that?

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3 Simple Ways to Love on Your Customers for Valentine’s Day

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heart in hand3 Simple Ways to Love on Your Customers for Valentine's Day (or any time)

Valentine's Day is not just for "lovers." It can also serve as a reminder or prompt to let those we care about know it. Including your customers.

And as a business owner, it's important to let your customers–and even the prospects you would like to become your customers–feel your appreciation, connection, and desire to be of service to them. 

There are 3 simple ways to do that. Some can be tied into revenue-building, but also think of ways to give without necessarily looking for a "get" in return. Although likely, you will experience some sense of return just from the act of giving.

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