7 Tips to More Business During a Holiday Lull

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holiday profits37 Tips to More Business During a Holiday Lull

For some businesses, the holidays can be a time of experiencing a surge in customers and income. There's not much you have to do to market your services or products–people just flock to you.
But for many businesses, this can be a time where people divert their money elsewhere (like to the businesses described above!)
For many years, December used to be my worst income month. I got to believe that's just that way it was, and would always be because "people just aren't spending money on themselves for self-improvement during the holidays" or "no one wants to work on losing weight or quitting smoking at the end of the year–they'll wait until the new year."
But one of my business coaches helped me to change this belief, and since then, December has become a high-income month for me. So today I'm sharing some practical and mindset tips that worked for me to improve my business during December and can work for you, too.

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Do You Need to Raise Your “Money Thermostat”?

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money thermostat

Do You Need to Raise Your "Money Thermostat"?

Have you hit an income ceiling in your business that you just can't get past?

* Do you find it hard to raise your rates yet are barely getting by with what you do charge?

* Do you have a hard time holding on to money, especially when finally get to a certain amount?

These are all signs that you have a money setpoint. And until you raise your money thermostat, you will continue to experience this barrier to earning–and keeping–more of those dollars. 

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