Creating “Skimmable” Web Pages (Guest Blog)

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Tanja GardnerWhy Your Web Page Needs to be Easy to Read to Be Effective (Creating "Skimmable" Web Pages)
Tanja Gardner, Guest Blog

Why are some web pages so much easier to read than others?

Ever noticed how some webpages are easy to read at a glance, where others just… aren’t? Gorgeously creative, decorative websites may provide a visual feast for your visitors – and they may reflect your brand and personality perfectly. But if they’re too hard to read, they probably don’t get your message across effectively.

Here are three signs your web page isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be:

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How to Get More Response From Your Facebook Wall Posts (Guest Blog)

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Hfacebook-logoow to Get More Response From Your Facebook Wall Posts (Guest Blog)

If you are using Facebook to try to connect more with potential clients or build your brand presence, and want to find ways to create more interaction (Likes, Shares, Comments), I found a great "cheat sheet" by Linchpin SEO.

The insight I gained from the research they've done will be highly beneficial for my business in regard to how I create posts from now on! Look it over and see what you can adjust to impact YOUR business through Facebook.

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Inspiring People–Beauty Is On the Inside, In the Soul

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lizzie velasquezInspiring People–Beauty Is On the Inside, In the Soul

I love hearing and sharing stories about people who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, went for their dreams despite what others might have said or done, show us what's possible when we believe (or others believe in us) and never give up, and demonstrate admirable behavior and integrity–even when others might try to convince them not to.

Here's another example of someone who chose to feel good about themselves despite others' trying to make them feel bad, and to set big goals for their life despite physical challenges that would make others play small. Continue reading “Inspiring People–Beauty Is On the Inside, In the Soul”

Multi-Tasking is the Enemy of Excellence

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multitaskingMulti-Tasking is the Enemy of Excellence

As women, it is our nature (and often our benefit) to juggle many things at once. This serves us well when we are playing the myriad of roles required in our society—wife, mother, employee/business owner, maid, nurse, chauffeur, social director, etc.

But it can become a double-edged sword that diffuses our energy and focus, wears us down mentally and physically, and causes us to give things less than our best.
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