How to Reduce Your Emails and Gain an Hour a Day (Guest Blog)

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Reduce Your Emails by 24% in 4 Simple Steps and Gain an Hour a Day
Araceli Gonzalez, G
uest Blog


According to a report done by the Radicati Group on email statistics, we receive an average of 75 emails daily, 13 of those being junk email. We send an average of 35 emails each day, which gives us a whopping average of four hours on email duties daily!

If you are a service-based professional, this means that half of your day is spent in your email inbox and only four hours are spent doing your genius work (assuming you work 8 hours). If you are looking to grow your business and make more money, the math doesn’t add up, does it?

I’m not going to bore you with the reasons why getting too much email can dramatically reduce your productivity because I assume you already know that. What I will do is share the four things you can do right after reading this post to reduce your email intake by 24%, which translates into an hour a day. This translates into a pretty good deal! What could you do with an extra hour today?

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How To Keep Your Brand Fresh, Relevant, And Buzzworthy (Guest Blog)

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How To Keep Your Brand Fresh, Relevant, And Buzzworthy
Martina Zorc, Guest Blogger

Growing a thriving, profitable, and impactful business requires a strong foundation of an irresistible brand that helps you stand out, and attract your ideal, high paying clients. Branding is an ongoing adventure, though, so creating your brand once and forgetting about it will neither serve you nor the people whose lives you're meant to touch.

Everything you do in business has a reflection on your brand, and vice versa. If done strategically, the imagination, creativity, and passion you put into shaping your "star brand" will pay off in more than one way–resulting in more income, higher profits, a bigger reach, and a snowball of business-building opportunities.

Here is how to avoid the magic of a breathtaking, reliable, and memorable brand ever fading away…

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100 Gratitudes–The Power of Thanks-giving

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100 Gratitudes–The Power of Thanks-giving

With the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up for us in the United States, I wanted to write something about gratitiude, which is a far more powerful force than people realize.

Author and a University of California, Davis professor, Dr. Robert Emmons has 8 years of intensive research on gratitude and found that people who view life as a gift and consciously acquire an “attitude of gratitude” experience multiple advantages, such as improved emotional and physical health, clearer thinking and problem-solving abilities, and stronger relationships and communities. It can also be good for your business.

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How to Fix Relationship Problems–On Your Own (Guest Blog)

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How to Fix Relationship Problems–On Your Own
Aimee Serafini, Guest Blogger

Most of us entrepreneurs are action-oriented. We want to get things done, solve problems quickly when they arise, and move ahead. We do it in our business and we like to apply that same style to other “problems” in our lives. Including our relationships, whether they're personal or professional.

Not only do we want to have peaceful relationships for our own sake, we also know how distracting a frustrating/painful relationship can be to our business. So we want to fix it right away. But since it involves another person, it doesn’t seem like we can do it on our own. The other person needs to cooperate with our plan. Or at least be willing to talk about it! But what if they won't?

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A Helpful Visual Way to Organize Ideas, Projects, Goals & More

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MindMapping–A Helpful Way to Organize Ideas, Projects, Goals, Resources & More

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you have to keep track of?
  • Or confused about how to best remember, sort, and prioritize all the ideas coming into your head about goals, work projects, home projects, etc.?
  • Do lists get too large and cumbersome for you to be able to quickly pull out key ideas and relationships between ideas or tasks?

Over the years I've tried many systems of recording and organizing information. Different "systems" have worked well for different situations, and one of my favorites–especially for the ideas and projects I have in mind for my business–is called MindMapping. It's especially great for visual or abstract thinkers.

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