Want to Increase Your Email Open Rates? (Guest Blog)

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Want to Increase Your Email Open Rates?
Mail Chimp Support, Guest Blog

If you're writing and sending a newsletter to your clients and prospects, it doesn't matter how much great information you provide in them. If your subscribers don't feel prompted to open and read them, you're not helping them or YOU.

MailChimp (a contact management system) analyzed the open rates for over 200 million emails. Open rates ranged from an amazing 93% to a dismal 0.5%. Many additional factors affect how an email is viewed, such as frequency, sender, and the nature of the message.

  • What four words should you avoid?
  • Does personalization (adding the reader's name) increase opens?
  • How long should a subject line be?
  • Best and worst examples

Read the full study results here to learn their analysis for the Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines.


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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

Secrets to Converting More Prospects Into Clients

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Secrets to Converting More Prospects Into Clients

If you're looking to increase your impact and your income, you have to be good at having sales ("service") conversations with prospective clients. This means making them comfortable with you, getting them to understand them the value of what you are offering, and addressing concerns and other barriers to them saying "yes" (as long as it's a good fit).

This should not be left to "luck" or "winging it" during your service coversation. It needs to be outlined, practiced, tweaked, and practiced more. Read some tips today for doing this well, then hope to see some comments on what you implemented and the results to inspire others.

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Best Squeeze (Lead-Capture) Pages (Guest Blog)

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13 of the Best Squeeze (Lead-Capture) Page Examples on the Internet
Codrut Turcanu, Guest Blog

This post is for internet marketers (and bloggers) who cannot figure it out (yet) how to build high-converting squeeze pages that turn as many visitors in subscribers and they want to see real-life examples of the best squeeze pages.

We're going to take a look at 13 of the most highest-converting squeeze page examples — analyze what makes them powerful — so you have a "what works" model in front of you, 'copy-cat' ready!

Before we dive in, let's answer some of the most common questions…

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These Facebook Etiquette Faux Pas Could Kill Your Business

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These Facebook Etiquette Faux Pas Could Kill Your Business

Facebook is a great way to announce your products and services, and find leads, referral partners, and joint venture partners for your business. But don't forget your "offline etiquette" when interacting with people online.

Conducting yourself professionally on line is crucial to your business and personal reputation and people's response to the ways you try to reach out. Read some of tips my here to help you make the best impression that will leed ot beneficial partnerships and ideal clients.

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5 Simple Steps to a Facebook Business Page (Guest Blog, Video)

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5 Simple Steps to a Facebook Business Page
Anum Hussain, Guest Blog

The time has passed when Facebook was a "good idea" for businesses to try. It's now essential to your inbound markeint strategy. Thing is, Facebook keeps changing how to set up Facebook business pages — both on the large scale with the rollout of Facebook Timeline, and on a smaller scale with new features that are rolling out all the time.

Don't wast another day poking around aimlessly on Facebook, trying to figure out what the heck to do to get your Timeline up and running like a social networking pro. This post will break it down so literally anyone — novices and experts alike — can set up their brand's Facebook Time line 100% correctly.

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How to Handle Workload Overwhelm

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How to Handle Workload Overwhelm

A client recently emailed me to say she was feeling like a melt-down was coming on, as there were "just too many things to do."

Overwhelm comes when you're focusing on too many things at once. As solopreneurs and business owners, this can be a common occurrence, and one that can sabotage your efforts, peace of mind, and health, so you'll want to get good at recognizing it early on and utilizing quick and effective ways to move from overwhelm to focus and action.

A few of my suggestions are below:

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