Are You Letting Your Clients Run Your Business? (Business Help)

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Are You Letting Your Clients Run Your Business?
(Business Help)

I had a Strategy Session call with a holistic practitioner recently to discuss the challenges he was having with growing his business consistently. Based on his answers to a few key questions, I could see very clearly several key factors that related to his struggle; some were related to mindset and some to marketing and his business model.

As I explained how I could help him with these issues, just as I I solved them for myself as well as other clients I've worked with, he asked to work with me. I offered him the program I felt was the best fit for his needs and we agreed to get started.

Perfect win-win scenrio, right? It seemed so, until it came time to sign the contract. That's when the roles reversed and the client tried to hijack my business by asking me to modify my contract and program to accomodate his fears and doubts (read on if this has ever happened to you).

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You Don’t Have to Be “The Best” to Feel Successful (Business Tips from the Olympics)

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You Don't Have to Be "The Best" to Feel Successful (Business Tips from the Olympics)

In honor of the Olympics, which offers a breeding ground of inspirational stories and lessons for life and business, I'll be writing some posts for the next month that will touch upon themes and people that I feel will be relevant and helpful to you in achieving success with your business.

I'll start with an "aha" I had this week working with my business coach that revolved around the idea of "success." I realized that I was using someone else's model of success as my measuring stick, which was making me confused, unhappy, stressed, and setting goals that I wasn't really in alignment with. Are you doing the same?

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Do You Know What a Profit & Loss Statement Is? You Need To! (Guest Post)

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Do You Know What a Profit & Loss Statement Is? You Need To!
Guest Blogger, Jessica Reagan Salzman

We live in an age when it's easier than ever to enter data and create a financial report. There's a wealth of information at your fingertips as a small business owner. But as I'm sure you know, understanding what is in those reports isn't as simple as clicking a few options in QuickBooks. Far too many entrepreneurs collect reports, like a profit and loss statement, and aren't sure what they are looking at. In order to put that information to good use, you need to understand the reason and the logic behind those reports. 

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Is Your Business Model Keeping You Broke & Overworked? (Business Help)

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Is Your Business Model Keeping You Broke & Overworked?

Most holistic practitioners and coaches (as well as other service providers) are operating off an old and ineffective business model that is not only hurting them, but is also doing a disservice to their clients.

That model is providing "one-off" sessions and trading dollars for hours, which makes you a commodity instead of a respected professional and expert, and gives only temporary (and less valuable) help to your ideal clients.

There's a better model for offering your services that will free up your time and energy, increase your ability to earn a higher income and offer more services to your clients, and allow those clients to get better quality help that will truly make a difference for them.

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Why Making Mistakes Is Sexy

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Why Making Mistakes Is Sexy

People are so trained early on that making mistakes is “bad” or “wrong” and something to be avoided. They’re either scolded (or even hit) by an adult if they did something that was different than that adult thought was right, or were teased by a sibling or peer for their action.

Think about it—when did you ever hear, “Hey, you did it totally wrong—good for you!”?

Sadly, the idea that people will reject us or not think well of us–or even hurt us–if we don’t do things “perfectly” is one of the biggest killers of success.

But what would happen if you could begin to think about mistakes as “Sexy” instead?

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Experiencing a Productivity Rut? 5 Things To Do To Get It Back–Guest Blog

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Experiencing a Productivity Rut? 5 Things To Do To Get It Back
Araceli Gonzalez

“There is much to be done; therefore we must proceed slowly” – Buddha

Productivity is a permanent state of mind–a life-long journey that doesn’t end. Similar to weight loss and healthy living, every action you take reinforces that new behavior and helps you enjoy permanent, lasting results.

About two years ago I trained for my first half marathon. I ran five times a week for about a year and after completing my first race, I moved on to completing a tri-athlon and other half  marathons. After my last race, I decided to take a little break from all the running and enjoy some very well deserved “time off”. My trainer discouraged me from distancing myself too much from running, even for a few days as it would likely affect my momentum. Almost two years later, I think he was right. It’s gotten a lot harder to reclaim the momentum I once had when running was part of my life.

The same principle applies to productivity. I will venture to guess that at some point in your life, you too were productive, even if it was just for a day. Perhaps you created a really sharp electronic task list or managed your calendar successfully, de-cluttered your office space or delegated the things that were slowing you down. Then, you stopped. Perhaps because it was all too much to remember or maybe things were going really well and you just wanted to take a day off. Regardless of the reason, you have yet to get back to being productive.

It’s time to get back to what you were. Below you will find the five things to do right now to get back on track:

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Are You Confusing the Boss/Employee Role in Your Solo-Business? (Business Help)

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Are You Confusing the Boss/Employee Roles in Your Solo-Business? (Business Help)

If you're a solo entrepreneur or solo business owner (or still work both ON and IN your business), there are many hats you may wear to keep things going: service provider, recptionist, book keeper, accountant, sales person, marketer, administrative assistant, web master, writer, business planner, product/program developer, project manager, HR manager, and CEO (and perhaps more).

Yet all of these can be narrowed down to 2 categories: Boss (the one who overseas the business activities) and Employee (the one who carries out the work planned).

Both are important to the success of the business, yet often solo practitioners blur (or ignore)  the roles and get themselves in trouble by being too much of an Employee and not enough of a Boss. Do you make this mistake?

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But it’s not the right time for coaching! (Guest Blog)

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But it’s not the right time for coaching! (Guest Blog)
Rev. Anne Presuel

"Oh, I am so excited to talk with you!" Renee told me. "I have a great business and I need some help growing it. I've been following you for some time and I feel really connected to how you've grown your business." 

As our conversation deepened, it was clear that Renee had the makings of a really great business.

  • She was clear about whom she wanted to serve.

  • She knew how she she planned on serving them.

  • She had what I like to call “street cred” – life experience.

  • And she had a powerful story to move her forward in the difficult times of building her business.

And when it came time for her to make a decision about moving forward, she hesitated, and then said “I really want to work with you, but I’m not quite ready.”

Oh, really?

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