Are You Hanging Out with Turkeys or Eagles?

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Are You Hanging Out with Turkeys or Eagles?

Hi all! Just a quick blog post today 'cuz I'm getting ready to head to bed after a long 12-hour day at a business training seminar with my 7-figure business coach, Pamela Bruner, in Atlanta, Georgia.

I've been able to connect again with my Mastermind Group along with some awesome and really successful peeps that I formerly only knew on line–Matthew Goldfarb, Re Perez, Gene Montaraselli, Cynthia Kersey, and Margaret Lynch (if you don't know who any of these people are, Google them and connect with them through their online resources!) Here's a picture of me with them at dinner Thursday night (except Cynthia and Margaret).

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Should You Go Into Debt To Finance Your Business? (Guest Post)

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David NeagleWhen Getting a Loan Makes Sense (Guest Blog, David Neagle)

A Q&A from “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life”:
Do you go into debt to finance your company to stretch the reach of your audience and marketing possibilities?


Hi Kim, and thanks for your question.

This question is the perfect example of my teachings on using debt as a tool.

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Get Clients with Google Analytics to Track Your Website Traffic

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Get Clients with Google Analytics to Track Your Website Traffic

I recently held a teleclass with Business Growth Strategist, Dustin Briggs to share information about getting, using & tracking Google Analytics on my website. The information was all things I wish I had known early on in setting up and modifying my website to help me get more business and get more clients.

Although the teleclass is over, you can still get the recording and bonus handouts here, and I will summarize the points that Dustin made on the call.

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Would You Like a 5-Figure Month, Too?

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Would You Like a 5-Figure Month, Too?

Have you heard or read stories of business owners with similar businesses to your own who were having great success and pulling in 5-figures or more PER MONTH, and longed for that kind of income, or wondered–perhaps doubted–if you could ever be that successful with YOUR business?

I know that I did. Despite my continued growing success over the past couple of years, the idea of pulling in $10,00–or even more–in a month seemed like a long way away, maybe even impossible. I barely dared think about it, let alone actually SET THE GOAL of achieving it and working towards it. But then something changed….

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Are You REALLY Committed to Success, or Just Interested?

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Decide-Commit-SucceedAre You Interested, Or Committed?

One of my success mentors, John Assaraf, has a saying that I love: "When you're interested in having something, you'll only do what's convenient; when you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes." 

I have kept this mantra top of mind when I am setting goals or find myself not achieving one. I ask myself, "Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve this goal? Am I doing what is convenient, or am I doing what's necessary (and out of my comfort zone)?"

There's a reason why not everyone is successful. It's because not everyone is willing to do what it takes. 

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Is Your Mind More Weeds Than Flowers?

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Is Your Mind More Weeds Than Flowers?

In a session the other day with a client, I was attempting to find a metaphor to describe the process of creating change in the mind and the techniques I use to do that.

If you've got a mind that is overgrown with barren ground and weeds (negative thoughts), it's going to be hard to grow anything there. Yet a spot clear of weeds and with soil that is rich, sown & filled with lots of nutrients can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, or anything else it desires.

The challenge is how to pull the weeds that are invariably there, and how to get the flowers growing. For some solutions to this dilemma, and what helped my client, read on.

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What Being a Good Friend Can Teach You About Social Media (Guest Blog, Lena West)

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What Being a Good Friend Can Teach You About Social Media
Lena West, Influence Expansion


I once had an email exchange with a colleague about how friendships are similar to the relationships we have with clients. At some point, of course, I began to draw parallels between friendship and social media engagement.


We always hear about strong communication being a necessity in friendships to avoid misunderstandings, but what about when it comes to social media relationships? Most people wouldn’t think that interactions with their buddies have anything to do with their professional social media relationships, but they do.

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Google Analytics Teleclass–FREE Training

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Google Analytics Demystified & Simplified: Discover How to Leverage Your Website to Get More Traffic, Capture More Leads & Convert Them Into Paying Clients

Google is King of the search engines (those sites you go to to type in words that will help you find resources or information on the internet for whatever it is that you are looking for). They use a variety of mysterious, secretive, and constantly changing algorithms to determine whose websites will appear in what order with what supplemental information showing up when a person types in various word combinations in the URL box hoping to find a best/good/variety of matches to what they are seeking.

Who needs to listen to this free, information-packed, how-to call?

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Marketing Isn’t About Dragging People Into Your Offerings (Business Help)

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Marketing Isn't About Dragging People Into Your Offerings

In a recent "Business Jumpstart VIP Day" with one of my clients, we were discussing her mindset and blocks around marketing. One of her beliefs was that marketing had to be pushy, and that she felt like she was constantly "dragging" people into her classes. Can you relate to this feeling?

As I worked with her over the course of the next 4 hours, she began to shift her perceptions of marketing and by the end of our time together she was excited about marketing and the plans we came up with to inspire and pull her ideal clients into her offerings instead of pushing them. Keep reading to learn how you can have that turnaround, too.

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