Are Your Office Piles Rotten? (Guest Blog)

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How to Let Your Piles Expire
Kacy Paide

One of my first memories of organizing must have been from elementary school when I was helping my parents organize the basement.  We always joke that my dad has any electrical doo-dad you can think of “in stock.”  He’s an electrical engineer and collects HAM radio and computer parts the way I collect mechanical pencils and click erasers.  I had come across a box of computer cooling fans that he wasn’t ready to part with.
Even back then I not only organized just for fun…

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Do You Have the Right Attitude About Networking?

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Do You Have the Right Attitude About Networking?

Networking with other business owners and sales profesionals is a great way to promote your business and get referrals, and is one of the things I recommend to clients to add to their "marketing mix."

One of the networking groups I've been involved with for a couple of years recently changed its member attendance requirements to request more regular attendance in order to stay on the member roster and maintain the member privileges. A couple of members who have been absent a lot in the past few months expressed disappointment in the change in rules and said they would have to resign because they couldn't attend at least twice a month.

Here is my reply to them, which is a good lesson for you, my readers, about the purpose, process and advantages of networking:

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4 Warning Signs That You’re Busy But Not Productive! (Guest Blog)

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araceli4 warning signs that you’re busy but not productive!
Guest Blogger, Araceli Gonzalez

As a productivity & business mentor, people often tell me in conversation how busy they are. There’s so much to do! They can’t keep up and ultimately things fall off their plate. When I ask, “What do you want to accomplish?” there is usually a long awkward pause followed by “Oh, you know…the usual.”

The reality is that busyness is generated from a lack of focus. When you are not sure in which direction to go, anything and everything seems important–creating the sense of busyness and confusion in your life. 

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Resource–Remember and Store Anything Virtually

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Resource–Remember and Store Anything Virtually

* Do you have scraps of paper all over your office or in different notebooks with ideas, contact information, things to do/remember?
* Are you ever out somewhere and need to access some information that is in your office or at home?
* Are business cards that you've collected from networking events tucked in different corners and not stored in a useful way?
* Do you have trouble remembering who you met, where, and even remembering their name?

If so, you'll love this virtual "note" and contact keeper and organizer! (And it's free to use the basic features).

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You Can’t Hit a Missing Target–Another Success Tip for Goal-Setting

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You Can't Hit a Missing Target–Another Success Tip for Goal-Setting

I was reviewing a client's "10 Goals in 90 Days" worksheet today and helping him to better define, plan, and create deadlines for his goals.

A few of his goals were too broad, and too big of a stretch for his stated timeframe. Although I encourage clients to stretch themselves and imagine doing or having bigger things than have before, I also make sure the goals have a good chance of success in relation to the circumstances of the client and/or their market.

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The Difference Between DEBT and DIAMONDS (Guest Post)

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David NeagleThe Difference Between DEBT and DIAMONDS
Guest Blog, David Neagle

This week’s question from “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life”:

Hi David,
You’ve mentioned the law, “If you have a strong enough desire for something, the money MUST be there.” Please say more about how this works. For instance, if I SHOULD manifest enough money to pay off debt, does this mean that I don’t DESIRE it enough to manifest the money because it’s more of a “should?” Or, in another case, if I really, really desire the $12,000 diamond necklace I saw in a window yesterday, am I likely to … 

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The Hidden Saboteur of Leadership

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The Hidden Saboteur of Leadership
(This is a guest blog I wrote for

Whether you have always gravitated toward leadership roles or you were thrust into a leadership role because of a cause or mission you are passionate about, effective leadership takes courage, patience, empathy, confidence, likability, and trust. But most of all, it takes courage.

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Inspiring People–Man Transforms Himself Through Belief

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Inspiring People–Man Transforms through Power of Belief

I love hearing and sharing stories about people who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, went for their dreams despite what others might have said or done, show us what's possible when we believe (or others believe in us) and never give up, and demonstrate admirable behavior and integrity–even when others might try to convince them not to.

Here's another example of someone who chose to believe something more was possible for him–and willing fall down over and over again in order to finally stand on his own. Continue reading “Inspiring People–Man Transforms Himself Through Belief”

What Comes First, Prioritization or Planning? (Guest Blog)

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What Comes First, Prioritization or Planning?
Guest Blog, Araceli Gonzalez

If you have a long list of to-dos and at times you feel like 24 hours is not enough, then setting priorities for your life is crucial if you want to get things done.

Prioritization means to arrange (items to be attended to) in order of their relative importance. The more projects you are involved in and the more you do for your business and personal life, the more you need to prioritize your activities.

Creating priorities is a bit different from planning your day. What comes first, that wagon or the horse? In this case, what should you do first, plan, or prioritize?

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