How Are You Living Your “Dash”?–Video Blog

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How Are You Living Your “Dash”?

I shared this poem/video with a client of mine yesterday as an inspirational reminder of why she was making sacrifices and staying in motion to make progress with her business ventures. What does it all matter? Why should we care what we do every day? 

“I read of a man who stood to speak
At the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the date on her tombstone
From the beginning to the end.
He noted that the first came the date of her birth
And spoke of the following date with tears
But what he said mattered most of all
Was the dash between those years.”

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Inspiring People–Nick V (No Arms, No Legs, No Worries)–Video Blog

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Inspiring People–Nick Vujicic

I love hearing about and sharing stories about people that overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, went for their dreams despite what others might have said or done, show us what’s possible when we believe and ever give up, and demonstrate admirable behavior and integrity–even when others might try to convince them not to or when they didn’t even know anyone was noticing.

Here’s a great example of someone who chose not to be defined by his apparent “lack” or differences, that will bring you both a tear and a smile! (And rethink what’s possible for YOU.) Continue reading “Inspiring People–Nick V (No Arms, No Legs, No Worries)–Video Blog”

Like Attracts Like–The Law of Attraction

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Like Attracts Like–The Law of Attraction

The 3rd Law I will share with you in this Universal Laws series is the Law of Attraction. This has become a buzz phrase and thought process for many people since the release of "The Secret."

"To desire is to expect; to expect is to achieve." Both desire and expectation are essential. As I mentioned in the previous post on the Law of Supply, you cannot desire for something unless it already exists. 

Holliwell discusses several things that are necessary to create the magnetizing energy to draw what you want to you.

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