Social Media Tip–Date First, Propose Later

Social Media Tip–Date First, Propose Later

Did you see the excellent blog post yesterday from social media expert, Lena West, on The Secret to Getting Real Results from Social Media?

One of the things Lena has taught me is the importance of creating a relationship with a person or group online for a while before trying to offer my services or products to them. This building of familiarity, trust, and likeability is imperative and often overlooked or rushed in social media.

It’s a bit like dating someone before asking them to commit to you in marriage. What would it feel like to have someone propose to you on a blind date?! Pretty uncomfortable–and desperate–right?

Instead, find discussions that people are already having (on their profile walls or on a fan page wall) and chime in with a helpful comment or resource related to the discussion.

  • The comment could be something that demonstrates your knowledge or expertise, which helps people get to know you and build trust in what you have to say and recognize you as an “expert” in the topic.
  • The resource could be an article or blog post you wrote related to the topic, or a link to someone else’s resource that you trust. Lena even tasked me with creating and posting some short video replies (I’m still working on trying that).

So find some of your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook connections or Fan Pages that are engaging in discussions on their walls that you can lend your voice to in a way that gives you credibility and shows you as a “giver” and start posting there regularly. You only need to spend a few minutes a day–or every couple of days–engaging.

Once you start to get people commenting back on your posts with some consistency, then you can invite them to get to know you more intimately through your paid services or products, and they’ll be more likely to say, “I do!”

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Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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