A New Year’s Gift to Achieve Your Goals in 2012

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A New Year's Gift to Achieve Your Goals in 2012

A new year is closing fast and a new one is about to begin.

What did you accomplish in 2011? What did you not? How do you want 2012 to be better?

Rather than making the typical New Year's Resolutions (which I don't recommend, as stated in my blog here), below are a few ideas–and a free gift–for ending the year on a positive note and starting the year off with the right attitude and resources to truly make 2012 a breakout year.

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Build Brand Visibility in the New Year Using Press Releases

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Build Brand Visibility in the New Year Using Press Releases
Guest Blogger, Beatrice Johnston, BrandExcitement.com

There are opportunities all around you to get exposure for your brand, you just need to know where to look. If you're active in
networking and marketing your business, coming up with some ways to generate press for yourself will be really easy. Unless someone (especially the media) knows who you are, you'll have a hard time growing your business and making it the lucrative company of your dreams.

Even if your business isn't making major changes, it may have activities coming up that are news worthy. Below are a few overlooked reasons to distribute a press release for your brand.

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Dump the New Year’s Resolutions!

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Dump the New Year's Resolutions!

Now that Christmas is over, peoples' attention turns toward the new year.

Along with New Year's festivities, most also begin to reflect on what they did or didn't accomplish over the year and with the emotioin of guilt, regret, frustration, or despair pushing them, make a "vow" (or resolution) to do better in the coming year, usually setting some lofty goal in relation to their weight, habits, job, or finances.

Unfortunately, most will never make it past February with regard to taking positive and consistent action to achieve this transformation. A very slim percentage will have accomplished just one of them by the turn of the next year. But there is hope for you!

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Can You Catch 3 Bunnies?–Guest Blog

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Can You Catch 3 Bunnies?
Guest Blog, David Neagle

Today's blog post is again from one of my favorite mentors, David Neagle, from his portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life.” This question comes from Matt Brainern.

I have a full-time job, have a desire to grow my home-based internet marketing business, and even work a part-time job teaching guitar lessons. Do you feel it is possible to desire multiple things at once, or do we only have so much energy to give and should we focus it to maximize desired results?

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Why Clients Remember Bad Experiences More Than Good Ones

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Why Clients Remember Bad Experiences More Than Good Ones

A fellow coach and I were talking the other day about a client of hers who seemed to focus on what she felt the coach WASN'T doing for her instead of all the things the coach had helped her with during their coaching.

The discussion then went to the tendency of a person to remember and talk more about a bad experience with you than they will a good one. We began to discuss why that seems to be the case.

Here are some thoughts that came to mind:

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An Exercise in Awareness for the New Year

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An Exercise in Awareness for the New Year
Guest Blogger — Linda Robinson, She Gets Inspired

As we step through the doorway from one year to the next, it’s natural to want to look back and ahead to the future.  But this year, instead of just reflecting on the past year or making New Year’s resolutions, I invite you to take some time to examine where you are right now in your life.

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Remember Your Value

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Remember Your Value

* Do you hold yourself back from enthusiastically telling others what you do, or sell yourself short about the service you provide to people?
* Do you find yourself reluctant to talk about your business when you’re at networking events or social gatherings?
* Do you resist reaching out to people who would be great strategic alliances for you and your services?

I see this pattern time and time again with service-based business owners, and even find myself falling back into it from time to time.

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