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Did you know that conscious impulses can travel at speeds of up to 140 miles per hour? If you think that’s amazing, consider the fact that unconscious impulses travel at around 100,000 miles per hour. The human brain has been called the fastest processor in the universe (at least, for now).

Here are 11 more amazing facts about the absolutely unbelievable power of your mind that you will want to be aware of, because understanding your mind and how it works is pivotal to your ability to achieve your own goals and dreams.

My notes and comments are added in italics.

The Conscious Mind:

#2 Comprises 17% of brain mass, but it only controls 2-4% of your perceptions and behavior.  What's controlling the other 96-98%?

#3 Looks for Patterns and Objects that are familiar. Interestingly, and sometimes unfortunately, the conscious mind also rejects patterns and objects that aren’t familiar. This keeps you in your comfort zone and missing out on new opportunities.

#4 Is Where Your Free Will Lives. This is the part of you that thinks and reasons, and it is also the part of you that will decide what kind of changes you need to make in order to live the type of life you want to experience. You can decide to change at any time, but the conscious mind has to first become aware that other possibilities exist and second that the other possibilities are worth changing for (the conscious mind is afraid of change).

#5 Is Under Your Control. No person or circumstance can force you to think about thoughts or ideas that you don’t specifically choose. Hypnosis is not brainwashing; however, it helps you be more open to receiving and accepting new information, especially if it will help achieve a goal.

#6 Determines Your Results. The thoughts you choose and impress from your conscious mind to your subconscious will determine where you go and what you do. However, most people are not doing it purposefully, intentionally, mindfully, consistently and effectively to do and create the best things. 

The Subconscious Mind:

#7 Is 5/6 of Your Brain Mass. (That's 83.333…%) Further, it controls 96-98% of your perceptions and behaviors.  Well, now we know the answer to Fact #2! So, your subconscious mind (the part beyond your conscious awareness) is what is directing how you see things and what actions you're taking. If you don't change what's malfunctioning at that level, your conscious mind can't help you much. 

#8 Averages 400 Billion Operations Per Second. ‘Nough said!  Well, I could say more. That's faster than the speed of light! The subconscious processes far more information far more quickly than the conscious mind. And it happens at a level far beyond (or below) the conscious mind's awareness. 

#9 Directs Sensory Input. Your subconscious brain has to complete so many operations per second because it is constantly assessing sensory input and deciding what to do with information.  It is able to make split decisions and invoke responses that keep you safe, where the conscious mind would have been too slow to think and respond. 

#10 Is Non-Verbal. Your subconscious mind sees in pictures and patterns, which is why creating a vision board and regularly viewing it is such a great idea versus just writing your goals down in words and reading them. I recommend creating a Mind Movie, which is like a vision board on steroids–a moving, sound-filled representation of your goals personally created by you to view on your computer or phone every day. Learn more here.

#11 Doesn’t Know Truth From Fiction. This part of your brain doesn’t know the difference between an apple and a picture of an apple–or, for that matter, between reality and imagination. It cannot tell the difference between "real–out there" and "imagined–in here." It actually believes as totally true every picture or image you send it or that is already stored away in memory.

#12 Is Re-Trainable. If you have negative patterns of thinking, bad habits you want to change, or an inability to move forwards in achieving your goals and dreams for your calmness of spirit, financial abundance, or loving relationships, you can change that via a program of brain re-training. Once an idea is chosen and consistently impressed and emotionalized into the non-conscious mind, perceptions and behaviors change to find and produce the desired result. That's why I use brain re-training tools such as hypnosis, NLP and EFT to help my clients–and myself–achieve more in business and in life.

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